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Short Story Collection:  A Clean Job and Other Stories

This e-book collection of my short crime stories is published by Clan Destine Press, one of Australia's leading genre publishers.

I am so thrilled to be a Clan Destine author and to have my first collection out in the world.

Buy it here direct from Clan Destine Press, or via Amazon USA, Amazon UKKobo and soon to come on Lulu and iTunes.

Here's a little teaser of what you get in the collection:

A Clean Job

In a world where the neutralisation of emotions is compulsory, an enforcement officer risks everything when she starts to succumb to her feelings.

From the Shadows

An intimate friendship between two women, one an actress and one a therapist, turns sour, resulting in an unsettling and predatory sequence of events.

The Boys

A loving father is moved to an extreme act when the safety of his family is threatened.

They're Behind You

Three friends form a close bond that involves game playing. Things take an unexpected and dark turn when the circus comes to town.