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Emilie Collyer, who had an awesome piece in the latest Torpedo, has a creative, thoughtful and immediate kind of blog, between the cracks

- Literary Minded

Between the cracks is an ongoing collection of moments and observations, captured in words. Designed to give pause for thought, maybe a laugh or other kind of cerebral refreshment. I hope you enjoy.

The work on here is a small sample of what I do.

Words from between the cracks.

Where sometimes you unexpectedly find fifty cents and sometimes you find whole new worlds.



The beginning


The Strawberry Tree is a slow growing plant.

It has an interesting sculptural form, becoming twisted and gnarled in maturity, and a uniquely beautiful peeling bark, revealing a reddish-brown trunk.

Some days I'd love to be a speedy snap dragon, a vase of gerberas, a dozen long stemmed red roses.

But maybe there's something to be said for being a big old tree, not found everywhere, that takes a long time to grow and might surprise people with unexpected beauty in the middle of a park on a summer afternoon.


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