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'That look on her face. It's kind of, I don't know, smug.' A suburban netball team. A new player. She says she wants to fit in but if she won't play by their rules why does she bother coming at all? A sweaty play about the petty and the profound, the mundane and the mythic, Contest is an elegy to everyday experience and asks how we might be with each other if we don't need to win.


This work for five women performers is a hybrid of character-driven text theatre and a highly energised physical theatre piece. Visually exciting and emotionally charged, nothing will be left on the court once these women have done with their reckonings.



Writer: Emilie Collyer
Director: Prue Clark
With great thanks to artists who have contributed to the development of this work: Mark Pritchard, Nat Cursio, Olivia Monticciolo, Emily Tomlins (featured in above image by Sarah Walker), Natasha Herbert, Kate Cole, Tamara Natt, Edwina Samuels, Kate Hood, Alice Ansara, Kath Tonkin, Janice Mueller, Emma Anand, Jean Goodwin.


Contest has been supported through an early stage of concept development via the Malthouse Besen Writers Program, further stage script development supported by the City of Yarra Performance Investigations and commissioned by Malthouse Theatre via the 2016 Malcolm Robertson Prize.

A production is planned for 2018 in association with Bureau of Works and New Working Group