Wing Attack Apocalypse

What does it take to win as a human being and in particular as a woman? Wing Attack Apocalypse is a new work comprising text and a physical score. It uses the world of a suburban netball team to explore the tiny violences, intimate struggles and epic transformations of contemporary female experience.


City of Yarra Performance Investigations Season 3
Development: March 2016
Writer: Emilie Collyer
Director: Prue Clark
Dramaturg: Mark Pritchard
Choreographer: Nat Cursio
Actors: Kate Cole, Natasha Herbert, Olivia Monticciolo, Tamara Natt, Edwina Samuels, Emily Tomlins


This work has been supported through an early stage of concept development via the Malthouse Besen Writers Program and further stage script development supported by the City of Yarra Performance Investigations. It is the recipient of the 2016 Malcolm Robertson Prize.