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Emilie Collyer, who had an awesome piece in the latest Torpedo, has a creative, thoughtful and immediate kind of blog, between the cracks

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The Good Girl had its US Premiere in February 2016.

Produced by Joyseekers Theatre at 59E59 Theaters from 11 February - 28 February 2016.

'This is an astonishing script. My GOD. This is what we should be doing with the genre, this is what science fiction is supposed to be. An exploration of the most terrifying and astonishing and human aspects of who we are. This is why science fiction is so important.'

Sean Williams, Producer of The Honeycomb Trilogy 



'In the postapocalyptic dystopia of Emilie Collyer’s “The Good Girl,” a feminist sci-fi comedy that darkens considerably as it goes along, something dreadful has happened to intimate relationships. Ms. Collyer has written a ... provocative script ... a clever examination of sex, longing, memory, gender roles and violence.'

The New York Times 


'Despite the subject matter, there is nothing mechanical about this play. The fact that it manages to evoke such a range of reactions in the span of less than a hour is deserving in itself of praise. For the theater aficionado with an appetite for a drama that’s something short on length, intellectually challenging and flawlessly executed, The Good Girl is an ideal choice.'

New York Theatre Guide


'In its fast-paced 50 minutes, Australian author Emilie Collyer's play packs a wallop---bringing together sex and violence, vulnerability and longing, tender kisses and rape.'

Huffington Post


'Fitzgerald understands the beats that Collyer’s finely tuned script subtly promotes ... Collyer’s play with the expert acting and direction keeps us off-balance, riding the seesaw with the characters, tense for the next moments of revelation yet anticipating an outcome which will probably not end well.'

Theater Pizzazz


'A Startling and Original Futuristic View of Humanity.'

Broadway World


'The Good Girl forces us to ask questions about our own world; the honest answers to which are ultimately frightening, yet important.'

Stage Buddy


'Collyer's short play is jam packed full of intriguing thematic considerations and thrilling action, bringing to life a place in which fantasy becomes reality. The Good Girl will surprise you with a wide variety of emotional responses, and leave you desperate to know what happens to our beloved characters next.'

Charged FM


'The Good Girl is a play for those who seek theater that’s a little bit weird and a lot a bit off. This is not your average dark comedy. Emilie Collyer has a vision of absurdity that allows her themes to echo.'

Theater in the Now


'Interesting and contemplative, this new sci-fi play will leave audiences thinking about the state of humanity well after they've left the theater.'

Theater Scene

Direction by: Adam Fitzgerald

Featuring: Leah Gabriel and Giacomo Baessato

Robot voice provided by: Tamara Sevunts

Set Design: Dan Daly

Costume Design: Kaitlyn Day

Lighting Design: Zach Blane

Assistant Lighting Design: Adam Honore

Sound Design: Julian Evans

Dramaturg: Bridget Balodis


All images by: Lloyd Mulvey