Ditmar Award!

In delightful news, an anthology I have a story in: ECOPUNK! Speculative Tales of Radical Futures published by Ticonderoga Publications won a Ditmar Award for Best Collected Work!

It's a great collection of stories by fantastic writers with fascinating takes on possible futures and I'm thrilled the hard work of the editors and all the authors has been recognised in this way.

View full list of Ditmar Award Winners 2018 here.


Double Spec-Fic Anthology Year

In 2017 I was stoked to get TWO stories published in amazing spec-fic anthologies:

'The Panther's Paw' an ecopunk story about a charming narcissist and a socially awkward animal communications savant who have to work together to thwart a deep sea theft, in the very wonderful: And Then ... the Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales Vol 1 published by Clan Destine Press (and the equally fabulous Volume 2 is also available)


'From the Dark' also ecopunk, about an unlikely friendship between an old woman and a violent young man, against the backdrop of future renewal and regeneration in the anthology: ECOPUNK! speculative tales of radical futures published by Ticonderoga Publications.



The dystopia is real

I've got a new article up at the fabulous Overland Literary Journal today. The dystopia is real examines notions of imagined and real dystopias, particularly in relation to Australia's violent colonial past and present.


Dream Home script available

Dream Home script is now available online via the wonderful Australian Plays

Buy Dream Home script here!


The Good Girl at Hollywood Fringe

Delighted that my play The Good Girl is having a production at Hollywood Fringe 2017! After its US debut in New York in 2016 it's so lovely to see this little play getting back out there into the world.