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Emilie Collyer, who had an awesome piece in the latest Torpedo, has a creative, thoughtful and immediate kind of blog, between the cracks

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The dystopia is real

I've got a new article up at the fabulous Overland Literary Journal today. The dystopia is real examines notions of imagined and real dystopias, particularly in relation to Australia's violent colonial past and present.


Dream Home script available

Dream Home script is now available online via the wonderful Australian Plays

Buy Dream Home script here!


The Good Girl at Hollywood Fringe

Delighted that my play The Good Girl is having a production at Hollywood Fringe 2017! After its US debut in New York in 2016 it's so lovely to see this little play getting back out there into the world.


An Uncertain Prognosis

I wrote this essay about my cancer diagnosis and the US election. It was a hard piece to write but a good piece to write. I was really, really thrilled that the awesome folk at The Lifted Brow published it online.

Here are the first two paragraphs ...

I follow the run up to the US election largely via social media, the three debates and the Saturday Night Live parodies of the debates. Like most people I know, I almost enjoy the horrific buffoonery of Trump and celebrate each time he makes another monumentally offensive gaffe. The bus recording. Threatening to imprison Secretary Clinton. I watch an interview Clinton does with Mary J Blige where Clinton talks a lot about children and families, opportunity and community. I know which world I’d rather live in. Surely this is a lay down misère.

My GP agrees the lump in my breast is worth getting checked. I first felt something strange about twelve months ago, had it checked out and all was clear. To me this feels like the same lump transformed, a restless satellite that has moved or grown. But perhaps it’s a new one. Anyway now I can see it on the surface. An elegant, tiny slope underneath puckered skin. I wait until after my period. Twice. In case it’s just hormones making the lump dance. But it’s pretty clear this lump is not one of those many tender, sliding cysts that hovers within the domes of my breasts.

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Story in Aurealis - Danger to Society

Stoked to have a story - Danger to Society - in the current issue of Aurealis, one of Australia's leading science fiction and fantasy magazines.

Story Behind the Story:

“It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.” This quote, attributed to Reverend Charles F. Aked, has been much adapted and used by politicians and world leaders. I took it as the starting point for a story about the deliberate and calculated silencing of good people. I am fascinated by celebrity culture, and how it provides certain people with a voice not granted to many. What would it take for a person in this position to use their influence and in the process potentially sacrifice that privilege? In terms of setting, I was really inspired by Duncan Jones’s stunning film Moon when imagining this piece. I wanted to create a bleak but also beautiful landscape that would mirror the bleak and the beautiful in the current world as we know it.

Buy Aurealis Issues #94 here.