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Emilie Collyer, who had an awesome piece in the latest Torpedo, has a creative, thoughtful and immediate kind of blog, between the cracks

- Literary Minded


Torpedo 6 - The Bullet

This is a way cool, almost completely graphic only issue of Torpedo. I have two small entries which I wrote the words for and the lovely and talented Lliam Amor made real with drawings.

The rest of the issue is awesome and clever and fun.

Please check it out and buy it - you will be pleased you did, especially as it gets posted to your door and it is much more fun to open than a bill!

Go the Torpedo website here.


The Melbourne Writers Festival

All manner of inspiration, though provocation, debate, discussion and literary degustation.

Check out the website here

And keep up to speed with one of the queens of Melbourne's literary and online scenes, at literaryminded


Undue Voice - Saturday 8th August

COMING UP VERY SOON - berni janssen's conversation in poetry and sound
at the ICU Saturday 8th August from 5-7pm 1 Halford St., Castlemaine, FREE

For lovers of poetic bravura, sighs and whispers, acts of hilarity, and the
percussive slap of last words up to no good at all, berni brings together
the renowned James Hullick in duo with Swiss percussionist Daniel Beuss, and
guest poets and performers John Jenkins, Ian Irvine and Emilie Collyer for a
tremendous and tremulous poetic conversation.
Punctum's unique 2009 Undue Voice event.

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