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Emilie Collyer, who had an awesome piece in the latest Torpedo, has a creative, thoughtful and immediate kind of blog, between the cracks

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Published Fiction:

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Reckoning Dimension6, Issue 13 (science fiction and fantasy FREE to download!)

From the Dark ECOPUNK! speculative tales of radical futures (Ticonderoga Publications)

The Panther's Paw And Then ... the great big book of awesome adventure tales (Clan Destine Press)

Danger to Society Aurealis #94 (science fiction and fantasy)

In the Slip Dimension6, Issue 7 (science fiction and fantasy FREE to download!)

Last game of the day Allegory EZine (science fiction and fantasy)

What you wish for Cosmic Vegetable Anthology of Humorous SF/F

Service with a Smile (Cross Genre Category Award Winning story) Scarlet Stiletto: short stories 2013

The Other Guy (short story) Thirteen Stories

Fringe Dwellers (essay) Overland

Do you have the millionaire mind? Read it here on Kill Your Darlings, or buy the issue.

The good son, shortlisted for short story competition in the Australian Literature Review. Read it online here

Death by a thousand cuts, Kill Your Darlings, Issue 5 Buy it here

Tiny Happy People, Torpedo: Greatest Hits (2010) Buy it here

Confessions: The (not quite) evil stepmother (essay), Kill Your Darlings, Issue 2 (2010) Buy it here

Small Containers (short story) and On those Days (poem), Page Seventeen, Issue 7 (2009) Buy it here

Campfire Conversation, Crafty Magazine Issue 3 (2009) Buy it here

Betsy Tiptoe and Susan the Obscure,  Torpedo Vol 6 - The Bullet (2009) Buy it here

Tiny Happy People, Torpedo Vol 5 (2009) Buy it here

22.7 square miles, Cottonmouth Issue 13 (Feb 2009) Read it here

Arts and Culture in Australia, Binara Publishing (2006)

Finding a Place, Viewpoint (2004)