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You can purchase copies of my plays: Argonauta, Promise and Hover from the Australian Script Centre and The Good Girl from Playlab Indie.

For enquiries about any other scripts, please contact me directly. 

List of productions:

Dream Home, Darebin Arts Speakeasy, 2015

Once Were Pirates, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2014

The Good Girl, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2013

Making the cut (writer/performer),Friends Deciding to do Stuff, Punctum (2012)

Dust on the Hill and Hello my astonished friend, Baggage Productions Mad Women Monologues (2011)

Maybe we're never together (writer/performer/producer), Big West Festival (2011)

Undue Voice: Tremor (writer/performer) (2009)

Dinner in a Dry Dam, Punctum (2009)

Eric, Melbourne Fringe Festival (2008)

Shack, Punctum (2007)

U CAN B ON TV, 2 The Arts Centre (2007)

Ready for LCD, Undue Voice (2007)

Under the same roof, Kensington Neighbourhood House (2006)

Boxed, Short and Sweet (2005)

Hover, ABC Radio National Airplay (2005), Playbox Theatre in the Raw (2002), Melbourne Theatre Company affiliate writer (2001)

The Morris Shed Collection, Punctum (2005) 

The Gas Connection, Shepparton (2004), Melbourne & Bendigo (2003)

Was he an angel?, St Martins (2004)

The Last Potato Man, Jigsaw Theatre (2003)

Damascus, Australian National Playwrights Conference (2003)

Ripe, Kaidan @ The Store Room (2002), Melbourne Writers Festival (2001)

Golden Square, Bendigo (2001)

Promise, Castlemaine (2001), George Fairfax Award (2001)

Brickworks, Chapel off Chapel (2000)

Radio City, St Martins (1998)

Argonauta, Athenaeum Theatre (1998), Winner Young Playwrights Award & Playworks Award (1997)

Stuck Up a Tree in the Forest of Love, The Star and Garter (1997)

The Point Being, Melbourne Fringe Festival (1996)