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Emilie Collyer, who had an awesome piece in the latest Torpedo, has a creative, thoughtful and immediate kind of blog, between the cracks

- Literary Minded

Your Looking Eyes is a collection of finely-tuned poems dedicated to the art of looking. Emilie Collyer deftly takes on the role of observer and collector of evidence and memory. Awkward moments and desire sit side by side with notions of the body. This collection is at once confessional and universal. Words linger and seek answers. Your Looking Eyes is essentially about those memory-soaked stories that bind us to the world.

Libby Hart

I love your poems.  I find them wistful at times, filled with longing and good questions about life, and quietly observant about the way things are or have been.

Reader response

Mark William Jackson Reviews Your Looking Eyes on Verity La

You can now get Your Looking Eyes at real world shops:

Collected Works Bookshop

St Helier Street Store and Gallery (at Abbotsford Convent)

Readings St Kilda (staff recommended read)

Buy now: $12 includes postage. Put a number in the box if you'd like more than one copy, otherwise just click the button.

Your Looking Eyes is a book of poems, written by me, and illustrated and designed by Eirian Chapman. Thanks also to Andy Jackson for his wonderful editing skills and advice. You can read here about my Cafe Poet Residency that lead to the writing and creation of the book. And a short interview here on the Moving Galleries blog. Slam Up sneak previews the book here. Another mention here on the fabulous CreativeWomen'sCircle blog. And ... because of Eirian's incredible design and illustrations, we got a full page feature in Desktop Magazine!

Beautiful Riso printing gives the book a textured look and may leave whispers of purple residue on your finger tips. It's a tactile experience! Have a look at images of the book here at Eirian's blog

And look - more beautiful images on Desktop Mag website

First 100 copies are limited edition prints that include a bonus Gocco printed postcard with an image and poem.

So the first edition is all SOLD OUT. And the good people at The Hungry Workshop printed up our second run.

Second Print Run is Up and Running! Buy it here via PayPal OR you

It will be launched at the 10th Overload Poetry Festival, by the lovely and debonair Chris Flynn. There will also be a special one-off performance from the fabulous Amy Bodossian.

Wednesday 14th September


c3 Contemporary Art Space

Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford

Check out the full Overload Poetry Festival program.